Saving for retirement


Options: at the end of your life expectancy ...

Run the portfolio Down to Zero
your portfolio is zero.
Maintain the same dollar amount
your portfolio is the same amount as on the first day of retirement.
Maintain the same dollar amount, inflation adjusted
your portfolio is the same amount as on the first day of retirement, increased for inflation.

Saving for retirement: Help page

This calculator figures out how much you need to save in order to have enough money after you retire.

Fill in the fields as described and press the Calculate button to see the answer.

Years to retirement
How many more years will you be earning an income? (0 if currently retired)
Current portfolio
How much do you currently have invested?
What do you expect inflation to be? (Since 1916 it's averaged 3.6%)
Investment return
What annual return do you expect to make on your investment?

Years in retirement
How many years do you expect to live in retirement?
Expected Income
How much money (in today's dollars) will you need from your investment every year in retirement?

Please Note

For a decision as important as this one it pays to be conservative

  • inflation will return one day
  • investment returns are not great every year
  • you may work fewer years or spend more years in retirement

Try different scenarios, but remember it's better to have too much money than too little.