The Masai



I got a picture of two boys in their post-circumcision getup and then of the market. 4,000 Tanzanian shillings tip (1,000 T Shillings = $1.00). Strictly prohibited behavior I am sternly told: these boys are supposed to be off learning how to be warriors not begging on the roadside. If so, their elders might do a better job of monitoring their truancy because there was a group of these kids every half mile along the entire length of the journey.

Masai boys, post-circumcision, learning to be warriors

The Masai walk their cattle everywhere but other tribes stoop to the use of trucks. They buy cattle from the Masai at the market, not too far from their pastures, and then drive them to their doom. In the old days of walking the whole way, the cattle arrived tough and lean.

Masai walking cattle to market


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